02 August 2006

August Prayer Letter

Praise Items -

I took George, Linet, and their boys to a Fourth of July picnic. They enjoyed such American foods as hamburgers, chili, and cotton candy. Derrick and Jeremy liked the bouncing castle, the clowns, and the pony rides. I think the highlight of the day for all of us, though, was watching the greatly amusing competition at the Tug-of-War.

My time of teaching at Karo and Jeremiah’s church in Kwa Njenga went well, I believe. Karo acted as my very capable interpreter. I was comfortable with the session and the congregation seemed to understand the basic concepts about God’s Word that I taught.

The suitcases sent for me from Omaha finally arrived, after an unexpected 6-week delay. Many thanks to all of you that took part in providing the items I was in need of.

My first trip into West Pokot District, accompanied by Pastor Geoffrey, was very interesting. I’ll be posting a narrative and some photos soon.

I’ve finally started the long overdue project of having my own toilet/washroom built at Matunda! With a secondary school on the same compound, it seems obvious – on many counts – that I should have my own. The pit has been dug and the slab has been laid. As the funds become available, the next step will be the walls made of clay bricks.

Please pray for my Kenyan friends -

Karo and Jeremiah are just about to open a milk “kiosk”. Please pray that this small new business venture will prosper.

Continue to pray for their church at Kwa Njenga. They are hoping to find a more suitable place to meet. They are also raising funds for a PA system. The Lord recently blessed their church with a keyboard, for which they greatly praise God.

Charles and Agnes struggle greatly just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Nathan, as he continues to pastor his tiny church and struggles to provide for his family with his small piece of land.

Vera, as she pursues her dream of attending nursing college in Uganda.

Judith, as she leaves behind a stable music career and pursues her dream in an entirely new field for her – farming.

A couple of the guys in my church homegroup (Sam, Mike, Jean Claude, and Nathaniel) are somewhat at a crossroads in their lives. Pray that the Lord’s plan will be accomplished.

Remember my friends at school: Collins; Rose and Sammy; Masudi, Musyoka, and Masha (my friends from the Coast); Jim (Karo’s son); Anaya and Avoga (Robert’s boys); Derrick and Jeremy (George and Linet’s sons); and Angela (Bishop and Margaret’s youngest daughter). They will all be on “holiday” during the month of August. September will then begin their 3rd and final term for the school year.

And for myself -

As always… please pray that I will stay focused on my God-given assignment. I believe the following passage (from the New Living Translation) is an indication that John (the Baptist) not only knew but also was immoveable in regards to his specific assignment. He knew exactly who he was; likewise he knew who he wasn’t. I desire to be equally resolute in carrying out my specific assignment.

John replied, “God in heaven appoints each person’s work.
You yourselves know how plainly I told you that I am not the Messiah.
I am here to prepare the way for Him – that is all.”

John 3:27, 28

* * * * *

He who has not reached his destination never gets tired.

-Kenyan proverb

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