15 March 2009

March Prayer Letter

  • Please continue to pray for my health!
  • Pray that I would always be sensitive to what the Lord is doing within my ministry and that I would then move there and come alongside Him.
  • Charles and Agnes
  1. Praise God that their son, Tony, is okay after being struck by lightning!
  2. Agnes has a recurring debilitating problem that continues to flare up.
  3. Create income - Agnes is almost finished with her sewing classes; I will soon buy her a sewing machine – Pray that she can acquire a steady stream of customers.
  4. I bought a bicycle and large bag of potatoes for Charles; his plan is to sell them door-to-door.
  • Joe
  1. That his strength would continue to increase
  2. That he would find something productive to keep him occupied
  3. That he would make some good friends. For a variety of reasons, Joe moved from the church compound to a flat in Kayole.
  • Collins is in his last year of high school. Please pray that he would focus on his studies, as well as good character traits.
  • Masudi finished high school last year. Please pray that there would be a way for him to either further his education or to pursue a trade.
  • Pray for the Sudanese guys that are in school through our church’s Rehema ministry. Pray that they would focus on their studies. Also, please pray that no more items would be stolen from them. This is unfortunately a common occurrence in Kenya’s boarding schools.
  • I have friends from the States visiting me at the end of the month. Please pray that the various endeavors in which they’ll be engaged would go well.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the specific prayer requests! We will for sure keep you lifted up, as well as your friends and ministry!

-Jason and Jessica

Anonymous said...

Deb, I just printed out page 1 and 2 so I could have a hard copy of your prayer letter. Luv ya, Peggy G.