01 June 2010

House/Cat-Sitting for Friends

I thoroughly enjoyed four days of quiet reading and reflection!

The fragrance of their garden was intoxicating!

And during the chilly evenings, I enjoyed a crackling fire!


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for house and cat sitting for us. I think Moya miss you because she sits at the gate for long and just meeuw! You are welcome at our house any time neighbor!

You have a eye and talent to spot detail. May God show you His fingerprint detail in your life


Anonymous said...

What a respite!!

Anonymous said...

Your Delhi visit to that beautiful family, your arrival in Kenya and first "ministry" of house-sitting are just more ways that God is leading you to return in a slower fashion and taking care of yourself. Precious Joy shows her name in her sparkly eyes and joyous smile. Marge

Anonymous said...

Deb, Your Delhi pictures were great and all the pix. of Carol, Jermiah and Joy's 4th B.D., too. Looks like you had a pleasant, relaxing time house/cat sitting. I'm praying for your good health and stamina.
Love ya and miss you, Peggy
PS. I'm reading your book and I'm very impressed with your descriptive writing style.