05 October 2010

Another fun day with Masudi

Our 1st stop was to the Sheldrick elephant orphanage 

They have also rescued this orphaned rhino. All the elephants and rhinos are eventually released into the wild after being fully rehabilitated.

Our next stop was to the Giraffe Center. 
What fun Masudi had giving one of them a "kiss"!

We strolled around the nature trail, as well.

We cycled the entire day - around 20 miles (30 kilometers) total! 
It was a great outing, including two stops for a cold soda
and another longer one for lunch!


rzk7742 said...

I hope I'm not expected to bike 20 miles when I come! I have a hard time going further than 5 miles because of my old knees.

I'd love to kiss a giraffe! And an elephant! Maybe a chicken or two.

Love you to bitsies!

Anonymous said...

EEEH! Musudi gave him the giraffe a tongue kiss! :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all your pictures. Almost like being there. Love, Peggy

Anonymous said...

And Tasha thinks it is bad when Roxie sneaks a kiss on to her! That giraffe tongue is lethal! :)

zekedancin said...

Cadence enjoyed these pictures! She says "Grandma Deb is happy"