01 November 2011

Ryan's visit

Fellow missionary, Ryan, paid me a visit recently. We're both from Omaha, both with Ripe for Harvest, and both serve in East Africa (Ryan in Uganda and me in Kenya).  

It was a time of turmoil and uncertainty as terrorism had come to both of our adopted countries. Al Shabaab had attacked Uganda last year, leaving 74 dead and 70 injured. While Ryan and I were together, Kenya experienced it's first attack from Al Shabaab. There were two grenade incidences in downtown Nairobi on the same day, leaving 6 dead and over 80 injured. Both attacks were in retaliation for Kenya sending its troops into Somalia in an operation called Linda Nchi. The soldiers were in pursuit of Al-Shabaab militants that had kidnapped several foreign tourists and aid workers inside Kenya.

Ryan and I always enjoy our time together. It gives us an opportunity to loosen up a bit and do some fun things, while simultaneously encouraging one another. Due to the unfortunate current events, this particular time of being together was much needed.

We went to the brand-new KFC, not once... but twice.

Even in Kenya, it's finger-licking good!

We treated ourselves at Planet Yogurt.

We happened to be in town the day a new statue was ceremoniously unveiled of Tom Mboya, one of Kenya's heroes. I was very pleased to see many citizens viewing it with pride.

One evening, Ryan and I had a nice dinner of Coconut Chicken Curry with Rod... 
and topped it off with yummy - and pretty - milkshakes.

My new house is close to Giraffe Center. Ryan got more than a few sloppy kisses!

We took in a couple of Manchester United football matches. 
I just tag along; Ryan is an avid fan.

And... we played a fun, "friendly" Scrabble game Moses and Emily.


Delhibound said...

That chicken DOES look finger lickin' good!!

Anonymous said...

Tastes just like chicken!


deb said...

Yeppers! Tastes just like US-based KFC chicken!