23 May 2012

Ladies' Breakfast

Carol and Jeremiah's church - Kingdom Light Ministries, located in the slum area called Mukuru kwa Njenga - recently hosted their second-annual Ladies Breakfast (on the Saturday before Easter). I was privileged to be in attendance.

It seems Joy is ready to get the day started!

The men in did all the serving. Jeremiah is 'washing' the hands of this lady.

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast (which we actually ate two different times)!

Jacky and her son, Joshua Warren

More satisfied ladies

Jeremiah and Benjamin, are ready and eager to serve the ladies!

Jeremiah 'washes' the hands of his wife, Carol.

Even the young 'ladies' enjoyed the day!

Benjamin pours tea, coffee, or hot cocoa for the ladies.

Jasmine really enjoyed her boiled egg!

I guess this little guy was a bit envious.

The ladies really listened intently to the speakers.

The men from the church also washed the dishes... and with enthusiasm!

Margaret Wanjala was the main speaker.

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