30 May 2013

Trip to Singapore, April 2013

What a privilege and joy to be summoned to Singapore for 'grandma duty'! Todd and Naomi requested my presence to help with their kids, while they were both going to be away. I also got to stay on a bit longer, after they had returned.

What a fun experience to hang out with family... and to also see the part of the world where they were currently doing life.

Stop-action video workshop at the Lego Art exhibit

Mia dancing at the hoe-down at her school

Tony getting shots at his school field trip

Terran heading out for his senior prom

90% of Singapore residents live in high-rise apartments. They're everywhere!

Fascinating and modern architecture also dot the skyline of the island city-state in Southeast Asia.

Cool futuristic Super Trees, a beautiful park and light exhibit

Tasting smelly durian for the first time, a fruit like no other!

We all had so much fun just hanging out together. Great memories!

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Naomi Hattaway said...

So so much fun!!! Thanks for coming ... was a life (and location) changing trip for our family!