17 June 2013

Good times with friends, around Nairobi and upcountry: September - December 2012

Joy (in the middle) with her cousins Cliff, Mark, Patrick, and Tina - Donholm area of Nairobi

Jim (third from right, back row) with his football (soccer) team - Lunga Lunga, Eastlands side of Nairobi

Jim and his buddies are ready to play football!

Lunch with Agnes and her children: Duane, Zach, and their neighbor, Sandy - at Mt. Elgon Villa, Misikhu market

A visit with Deng at Eor-Ekule Secondary School - near Narok town

A visit with Mawien at Kangemi High School - Kangemi, outside of Nairobi

An outing for lunch, ice cream, and shopping with Carol, her sister Jacky, and nephew Joshua - downtown Nairobi

Playing pocket billiards with Jim - at Carol and Jeremiah's house - Nairobi

Joy graduates from kindergarten - Sunshine Academy, Donholm area of Nairobi

Cedrik, Manu, and cousin enjoy some fresh papaya they picked from a tree, at Mary Alu's house - Nzoia Scheme 

Agnes and I on our way to visit Tony at his school - Webuye town, Western Province

Enjoying a treat at Planet Yogurt with missionary friend, Joanie - Junction Mall, Nairobi

Celebrating Anne's 92nd birthday with good friends - Ngong Road, near Karen roundabout (Nairobi)

Good food, good chats, and competitive Scrabble on an overnight visit with Sammy and Rose - my house, Hardy

Oblong-shaped mandazi called 'mobiles', breakfast at Agnes' house - Misikhu market, Western Province

Robert on his way to his mom's house, after doing some shopping in Kitale town - Nzoia Scheme

Mama Manu with her three boys, Emmanuel, Cedrik, and Seth - Mary Alu's house, Nzoia Scheme

Celebrating November birthdays with David, Jasmine, and Joshua - Ben and Vera's house, Kijabi

Meeting baby girl, Dorothy - at Ben and Vera's house, Kijabe

Masudi checks on the pizza he's preparing for a customer, at his new job at Bel Cibo - Kakamega

Enjoying a cup of tea in the village, at Agnes' new house - Punjab, Nzoia Scheme, near Kitale town

Duane, Zach, and Anita (their cousin) enjoying an outing to Kitale town - at the natural forest, Kitale National Museum

Tony and Anita (in front) head home after a shopping expedition - Matunda market, between Eldoret and Kitale

A late Christmas Eve lunch (or was it an early dinner), at Agnes' new house - Punjab, Nzoia Scheme, near Kitale town 

On our way to Mary Alu's house, a 90-minute walk mostly uphill - Nzoia Scheme, near Kitale town

A visit and lunch with Wycliff and family, plus Cedric (yellow cap) - Matunda village

Bishop Justus Wanjala with his grandson, Elisha - at their rural home, Soy (near Eldoret)

Bishop's extended family starts to gather to celebrate Christmas - at their rural home, Soy (near Eldoret)

A fun outing including lunch and then a view from the top of KICC , with Mawien, Kim, and Jacob - downtown Nairobi

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