12 September 2013

2013 Home-Stay; Friends, Supporters, and Pray-ers

Peggy, Cyndi, and I had a lovely impromptu lunch after church one Sunday.
I had cycled, thus the gloves on my hands :)

Ryan (fellow Omahan and fellow East Africa missionary) and I spent a whole day together.
You may choose to ignore the mannequin :)

I introduced Gail and Bo to McFarlands Natural-Kind Cafe, my favorite restaurant in Omaha!

My faithful accountability team: Teressa, Marge, Cyndi, and Sharon

Aaliyah joined me for one of the lunches with 'the cousins' - another of many, many lunches out with friends.

I had a great visit with long-time friend, Mary, while passing through North Platte.
I also accomplished a marathon day of visiting numerous friends throughout town, some I hadn't seen for ages.

"The original three" - I traveled with Karla and Carol when I first visited Kenya in 2001. The rest, as they say, is history.

Had a great evening under the stars - roasting hotdogs and singing worship songs - with this fun bunch of gals.

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Anonymous said...

i choose not to ignore the mannequin. :) so happy i got to spend a quality day with you. i miss you, deb! thanks for making your life so accessible... looking forward to following year 13. much love, ry