10 February 2014

Wedding in the village, a great time of celebration for everyone

Edgar and Eliza enjoy a dance after the ceremony

Mary Alu (in white), the mother to the groom, with some friends,
including Agnes on the right (shortly before the ceremony began).
We waited a long time for the registrar to arrive.
It turned out he was confused on the date of the wedding.

Some of the groom's family members and friends. (Sorry it's so blurry)

Eliza, the bride, arrives at the church venue with much with celebration

Some of the bride's attendants

The bride enters the church, with young girls leading the way

Edgar, the groom, awaits the arrival of his bride so the ceremony can get underway

A fun part of the wedding was when the veil was removed
so Edgar could confirm she was indeed the one he was to marry :)

There was much drama as each one placed the ring on the finger of their soon-to-be spouse.

The new husband and wife!

Two nieces of the groom

After a 15-minute walk, the wedding party begins to arrive at the home of the groom for lunch, dancing, and speeches.

The M.C. did a great job leading everyone in dancing and celebrating!

One of the rare days I wore a skirt :)

Mary Alu, a good friend of mine and the mother to the groom, joyfully celebrating with a friend.

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Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, Deb, for a very special occasion. Peggy