19 March 2014

Gospel Lighthouse Churches honor Bishop Wanjala and his wife, Margaret

Bishop Justus Wanjala and his lovely wife, Margaret [Note: photo taken on a different day than the auspicious occasion]

Pastor Josiah Syanda with his wife, Josephine (in red), and Carol
Pastor Syanda and the Kayole branch of Gospel Lighthouse Church recently hosted a day to honor Bishop Wanjala and his wife for their many years of faithful service.

Many pastors from the ministry came from all over the country of Kenya to attend this special occasion.

Many of the faithful old-timers that served in the branch at Kayole were also in attendance. It was a great reunion seeing everyone and brought back so many good memories for me.

Bishop and Margaret's daughter, Esther, and Pastor Syanda's secretary, Linet

There was quite a time of celebration when they arrived in a caravan of cars!

There were joyous hugs all around when Bishop and Margaret arrived! 

I greatly admire Bishop and Margaret. They are incredible people and make a great team in the service of God's Kingdom. They've done so much for me and I truly count it a privilege to call them my dear friends.

Along with many others, I thoroughly enjoyed watching these four lift up praise and worship to God. They were an integral part of the  worship team when I first came to Kenya in 2001. Together, they were quite gifted ushering the congregation into the Lord's presence in praise and worship. I have so many great memories of the 'good old days' at GLHC kwa Chief's Camp.

Pastor Syanda, the host for the day's event


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great celebration to honor Bishop and Margaret. PG

deb said...

They are wonderful people and I count it a privilege to be their friends!