19 June 2014

Cycling with camels; my 37-mile bike ride to Olorgesailie prehistoric site

Brief pit-stop 10 miles into my 37-mile ride

This shot and the one below are at Kona Baridi,
before beginning the 3,000-foot descent into the Great Rift Valley.

I had a nice chat with these folks at a remote police road-block.

Liberty Baptist Church

I was surprised and amused to see this large herd of camels ambling down the road :)

I pulled off Magadi Road and headed to the campsite at Olorgesailie right at dusk.

A few folks from my homegroup drove in to join me for an overnight campout.
Ngatha - plus his sister, Zuwena - blow out candles on his birthday cake.

It ain't really camping without s'mores!

Beautiful sunrise the next morning!

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