17 December 2014

Jamhuri Day picnic at Uhuru Park

Once again, I gathered a few friends for a picnic on a national holiday in Kenya. Jamhuri Day 2014 was Kenya's 51st year of celebrating their independence. The weather was great and we had a nice time of leisure and conversation amongst many other folks.

Joy and Jasmine enjoyed the merry-go-round and several of us rode paddle boats on the lagoon. Linet had her toenails painted by Francis, a quite charming nail technician and most of us enjoyed an ice cream cone. Just as we've done at every picnic at Uhuru park, we shared our meal with a hungry - but grateful - street boy.

Emmanuel, Jim, Jeremy, and Derrick

Jennifer, Esther, Joy, and me

Joy is on the creme-colored horse and Jasmine is on the yellow one.




I guess I was enjoying myself too much to get photos of Carol, Linet, and Hannah.

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