25 November 2015

A Visit from RFH's Africa Field Directors; Visiting some of My Ministry Relationships

Lots of laughs with Linet, Derrick, Jeremy, and Masudi

Linet and I

Jeremiah and Carol

Carol leading worship at their church

Clare and Earl clapping along to the music

Lots of action during the praise time

Some of the Sunday School children dancing for the Lord (Joy is in the blue blouse)

As I greeted the congregation and introduced Earl and Clare, Jeremiah interpreted for me.

This video will give you a sense of being there with us. I hope you'll watch it!

Jeremiah interpreted Earl's preaching into Swahili

Earl and Jeremiah prayed for folks after the sermon

Squeezing everyone into one photo wasn't easy!

Jeremiah and Carol, plus Earl and Clare

Several of us got a lift to Jeremiah and Carol's house in this pick-up.
Good thing, as the entire area was very muddy and sloppy from all the recent rain.

Clare got acquainted with 6-month old Jaiden at the house.

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