21 December 2016

Meditation on the Sea; remembering my Dad

The sun drops to the west, continuing across the continent of Africa
Wispy clouds in the east hover over the horizon of the Indian Ocean
Bright pink and white, resembling stretched-out cotton balls in a row
The sky gradually darkens, transforming the clouds into various shades of purple

Tall, majestic palm trees bend ever so slightly with the gentle evening breeze
Their lovely green fronds do a slow rhythmic dance in the sky
Naked grayish-brown baobab trees also line the edge of land
Squatty and comical-looking they don’t move a bit with the breeze
Gradually losing their color, the trees transform into black silhouettes against the bright western sky

Children frolic on the beach
Hand-in-hand, a couple strolls on the gorgeous white sand

My nostrils smell salt
My ears take in the quiet and the distant song of a lone bird

The tide recedes further from the shore with each ebb and flow of the sea
My relaxed body rises and falls with the gentle movement of waves
With a simple movement of my hands, I occasionally rotate a full circle
All around me the sky is vivid

The afternoon was stiflingly sultry with no relief
My entire being is used to moderate temps and dry air at 6,000 feet
At sea level I feel lethargic

I waited for this moment, a respite anticipated
An evening swim in the calm sea
I am the only one here

I recall the first time I laid eyes on the Indian Ocean
To the disquiet of my Kenyan friends with only toes in the water, I swam far out
Fourteen years ago, I was but a novice living in this foreign land

My awareness returns to the present
Floating effortlessly on my back, I look up at the sky
The crescent moon almost straight above me, also lies on its back

Thoughts of my Dad come to mind
Ten years have already come and gone since his departure
I miss him
I think of my Mom, hitting the milestone of 85 this month
And how is it that I am already past the age of 60?

This lovely evening on the sea evokes this inspired meditation
I contemplate the passing of time

My mom and dad

[4 December 2016 / Diani Beach, South Coast, Kenya]

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