01 October 2017

Becoming aware; my quiet reflection in the woods

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Becoming Aware
by Deb Smith, February 2017
Westerville, Ohio, USA

In stillness
I open my senses
I am quiet and I listen

I slow down
I observe
I am becoming aware

A slight breeze
Leaves rustling

Melody of a bird
A babbling brook

Intricate designs in nature

Brown beauty in the dead of winter

Gentle ripples on the surface of a pond

I wait
I practice silence
I know you are here

There it is -
the very presence of God

I sense you next to me
There's a whisper in my spirit
I hear your voice

You are everywhere
Your peace surrounds me
Your love enfolds me

And I have become aware



Anonymous said...

Your poem inspired me to get off the computer for a while and sit in my mother's back yard for a couple of hours. Part of their property contains a forest. I started signing praise and worship hymns, the wind kicked up, and spread leaves of all different colors in the air. Red, orange, green, yellow. A real rainbow of leaves. It was so amazing! I don't think I would have experienced that had I not read your poem. Jennifer

deb said...

That's very cool!

Dave said...

A little visio divina, eh? Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, Dave! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!