14 February 2018

Trip to Eldoret: Fulfilling a promise to Martin's grandparents

Martin, an aunt, Sinclair and Tony (his two brothers), Robai, Deb, and another aunt (both had been visiting for a few days).

Robai and I had 'mandazi na chai' at a small café at Farfaral, while waiting for Nathan.

A lovely field of sunflowers

After a brief visit (and more chai) with Nathan and his family, we all headed to see Martin and his grandparents at Mawe Tatu. Without a car, motorbikes are the best way to get around in the village! I hopped on with Nathan as Robai, Deb, and Alice grabbed a couple of other guys. It can be a dusty ride, but it gets us from one place to another.

The previous time I saw Martin's grandparents, they insisted I share a meal with them... and so I kept my promise on this visit. They were very grateful for that and also for the polite gesture of giving them a small box of kitchen staples as well as some cash (to help with Sinclair and Tony's school expenses).

The aunt below, with Sinclair, is the one who painted the decorations on the house. It's a common practice in the village, prior to Christmas and the New Year. Various colors of soil are mixed with water to create a sort of 'paint'.

As we left their house, Nathan and the other motorbike guys took us to Matunda so Robai and I could get a shuttle van back to Eldoret. Nathan and Alice also wanted to do school shopping for Deb at Matunda's large market area.

Right next to the shuttle booking office a guy was conveniently selling school 'exercise books' (notebooks)... from a wheelbarrow! Gotta love the randomness of Kenya!

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