16 May 2018

Road trip: Eldoret to Moyale, Ethiopia - Fifth (and final) leg, back to Nairobi

Market day in Marsabit. The men barter for the cattle on one side of the highway...

... and the women sell the camels and goats on the other side. [Sorry I didn't get any pictures of that.]

We saw many swollen and gushing rivers! Sadly, many lost their lives because of them.

When we stopped along the way, we got some boiled maize - - a nice snack.

Robai saw a crocodile for her first time ever!

We stopped at Thika and hiked around the area of Chania Falls.

The day before we left Eldoret, Robai and I had also traveled 75 miles (one way) to Kocholia to visit Agnes and her boys (just 5 miles from Malaba on the Uganda border).

Once she and I returned to Nairobi, she had another trip back to Eldoret and I headed home to Ngong town. We had traveled over 1,500 miles in the span of two weeks - - all of it via public transportation.

We certainly saw a lot of Kenya. It was an amazing trip!

- - - - -

"Travel makes one modest; you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."
   ~ Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), French novelist

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