14 October 2019

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure; enjoying God's great out-of-doors [part 2/3]

We left Nairobi via a bus, but mostly used motorbike taxis

Sadly, many people never take the time to see the beauty in their own backyard. A mere 25% of Americans under the age of 35 spend more than an hour outside each day, and 30% of American adults do not spend any time outside on a daily basis. We have become risk-averse, and in doing so have dulled our experience of life. [source: US National Park and Recreation Association]

The average American spends 93% of their life indoors, including 87% in buildings, houses, etc and another 6% in vehicles. That means only 7% of your entire life is spent outdoors. [source: US Environmental Protection Agency, 1987]

And so... Rose and I headed to the Tigoni-Limuru area where there are many tea plantations. Our mission was to find several GeoCaches and enjoy our adventure in the great-out-of-doors. We went twice, once in September and again in October, to look for the remaining ones (to add to my solo hunt several months prior).

Simply gorgeous!

Kenya produces some of the world’s highest quality tea and is the third largest producer of tea after Sri Lanka and India. Tea bushes were first planted in Kenya in 1903 by European settlers and eventually became Kenya’s largest export industry, continuing until today.

In Kenya, tea leaves are still primarily picked by hand. The workers choose only a few top young and juicy leaves with a portion of the stem and the bud (or tip), a leaf not yet expanded at the end of the shoot. It's common practice for the tea pickers to be underpaid.

Rose looks for our next destination on the GeoCache app

Tea pickers working in a plantation, with the baskets on their backs 

All Saints Church, Limuru, was built by European settlers in 1940. We enjoyed reading the gravestones at the cemetery.

Two of the GeoCaches were located at Kentmere Club, where we enjoyed swinging for a while

Stopping to smell the 'roses'

A beautiful sunset after one of our days together

"More of our population would be out in the countryside if they knew what was there waiting for them. Inside many of us beats the heart of Indiana Jones, craving the chance to have an authentic experience in the wild."   ~ Forest Fenn, art dealer, author, and adventurer

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