03 February 2009

Joe's Birthday Party

Eleven of us squeezed into Joe's tiny little house and surprised him for his birthday on Saturday, the 31st. To say he was pleased would be a gross understatement!

We had a brief time of worship led by Karo. Joe asked 2-3 of us to share "a few words" (in the Kenyan tradition). We all enjoyed some chicken, soda, and cupcakes. And... of course, we sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

Thanks to all of you from the US that sent him birthday cards. He was quite touched.


Anonymous said...

He looks really happy! : D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope he liked the cards!

Yeah for his first birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the news. The fires were tragic and the starvation unimaginable for us here in the States.
Al's memorial service is set for Thurs. 2-26 at 3 PM at our church: Emmanuel Fellowship.
Karo sent a eulogy to be read at the service.
Love and prayers, Peggy