15 February 2009

My House "Upcountry"

These are photos that Emily took of my house. I think it's been a long time since I've posted any pictures of the inside. Sorry, things were in a bit of disarray.


Anonymous said...

You call THAT disarray? :) That comment made me smile!

Love the bright pink bush on the outside!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these pictures!

Mom said...

What is that pink bush? Gorgeous.
Your house looks good!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks so well-kept. It was good to see the inside as well as out, and the bush is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sweet memories!! The shrubs have grown so much at your...beautiful. Next time, make sure and include a pic of your wonderful cho! I've got some great pics taken at your place with Amy and others, one of the rare times we were in Matunda at the same time. I pray this finds you well.
Much love from Kentucky...

Penny said...

Deb, If you think the inside of your house looks messy come to Kunduchi. You'll be very encouraged. Yours is immaculate in comparison!
what a lovely place and I love the way you keep it so simple.
We are starting to get piki pikis as well nowadays near to the junction of Mbuyuni near to where we live. I'm a bit nervous. I hope your's drive ok.
Mungu akubariki