12 July 2009

July Prayer Letter


I’m finished with my travels (New York, Colorado, and Arizona) and will be sticking around Omaha for the next several months. It was great to see all of my kids and grand-kids!

I enjoyed the Ripe for Harvest missions conference in Phoenix; there were 95 of us in attendance! It was good to meet the missionaries, as well as the folks that run the organization. I've been with them for 5-6 years, but had never attended one of their conferences before. We had several informative workshops to choose from, great Bible teaching sessions, a meaningful commissioning service, a wonderful closing communion celebration, and incredible food!

Last week I started working on my next book. The stories are already written, but I have several rounds of editing and proof-reading to do. Although it is very time-consuming, I actually do enjoy such work.

I’d appreciate your prayers:

  • Tenacity and focus on my goal
  • Discernment regarding the many, many detailed decisions that go into writing a book.

Recently, while having lunch with Marie, she saw someone she knew. After greeting Darlene, Marie asked if she knew Deb Smith.

"I pray for Deb Smith!" exclaimed Darlene.

Wow! It was very encouraging to meet someone (who I did not know) and find out she regularly and faithfully prays for me!


... please pray for Naomi and the kids, both as they fly to India (on the 16th), reuniting with Todd… and as they all get settled into their new home. You can keep up with their new life, so-to-speak, on her blog called Delhi-Bound. There’s a link in the upper left-hand column.




Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
Good to catch up with you and your U.S. travels. I know you have to be enjoying your family!!! We (all the Browns) just got back from San Antonio, Texas, where we attended my son's basic training graduation ceremony at Lackland Air Force Base. What a neat event. We are so proud of him. Like your new "web" look very much. I do have one comment, however. Maybe it's just my eyes, but I had trouble reading the light yellow or tan on the brown background. I like the way it is set up. At first glance, I got hungry, looking at you with the kabob!!! Glad you are doing well. I need to get back to Nebraska, myself, see the fam.
Love and blessings from Shelbyville,

Anonymous said...

We will for sure be praying for Naomi and the kids on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for printing your prayer letter separately for your mom, Al and me.

Praying that you can stay focused on writing your second book.

I think it is Darlene HARPER who is praying for you. Did Marie mention that she lost her husband and son recently? Darlene is my sub for the prayerchain. Peggy