17 August 2009

Update on August 1st Plane Crash in Nairobi

"Give a Damn" crew

Mechanic, Ryan Williams

Pilot, Frank Toews

"How much has following Christ cost us?...
For some of us, it will mean paying the ultimate price."

- Frank Toews, in AIM-AIR's fall newsletter, 2006

On the morning of August 1, 2009 Rob Lehr and Dan Parris went up in an AIM-AIR single engine plane to film the Kibera slums near Nairobi, Kenya for their poverty documentary "Give A Damn". In their documentary, they want to expose extreme poverty, its causes, and why we should all "give a damn".

The flight turned tragic as the plane hit an electric telephone pole, spinning to smash into a building, before crashing three stories to the ground.

Sadly the pilot, Frank Toews, died on impact. The flight mechanic, Ryan Williams, succumbed to his injuries a week later, on August 8th.

Tributes to Frank Toews and Ryan Williams, AIM-AIR website.

Dan Parris' podcast from the hospital, August 1.

Rob Lehr's podcast, August 1.

Two blog posts from Rob Lehr -

"Injuries Don't Always Bleed" (August 4)
"Heading Home" (August 9)

"Give a Damn" documentary website.


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