03 August 2009

Plane Crash in Kenya

There was a drastic accident that took place Saturday, August 1st, involving Dan Parris and Rob Lehr. They were taking aerial photographs of Kibera, one of the worlds largest slums, when the plane stalled. The pilot managed to glide the craft just outside of the slum's perimeter most likely saving hundreds of lives.

A wing of the plane struck a telephone pole, redirecting it from the street they were trying to land on, and causing it to smash into the side of a three story apartment building. Throughout the 100-foot fall to the ground, the plane flipped upside down and instantly caught on fire. Both doors were off since they were filming; if they'd been on Rob says they would not have made it out alive.

Rob was able to escape the plane and though bleeding severely from the head, gained his composure. When he realized Dan was unconscious and still in the plane he went back for him. Dan regained consciousness, saw flames right beside his head and managed to crawl out of the plane.

When Rob made sure he was safely out he did what only a hero would do, went back for one of the two crew members. Reaching across the man's body, Rob managed to undo his seat belt just as his arm and pant leg caught fire. At that moment, a local man on the scene grabbed both him and Dan and helped them into a car headed for the hospital. As it sped on the wrong side of the road with it's horn blaring, the ride to the hospital was nearly as thrilling as the crash.

The two film-makers, Rob and Dan were injured (Rob has burns, cuts, and other pains; Dan has a broken collarbone, and abdominal pains; both are in stable condition).

The AIM AIR pilot lost his life. The other crew member is in critical condition.

These young men were filming a documentary called "Give a Damn".

In their documentary, they want to
expose extreme poverty, its causes, and why we should all "give a damn".

To view a Kenyan news broadcast of the incident, click here.

Please pray for all the injured, the bereaved, their families, and all others involved!

Information taken from here and other internet sources.


Anonymous said...

I love their website and everything they're doing. Thanks for informing us of this!

Anonymous said...

we prayed for the family in church yesterday. It was very close friends of Bev and Jim strait (from our church). Ai....it is sad.Thanx for the update.


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
So very sorry about Charles and Agnes. The story about the plane crash really got my attention. Visited their web site, very interesting. Am forwarding this on to our youth minister (Kiki's son-in-law). What are your Kenya plans? I am still hoping to go back next year...always next year!
Love and blessings from Kentucky, Wafula

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine that they lived through the plane crash. So sorry for the losses and pain (and also for Charles and Agnes). Gail