03 September 2010

A delightful afternoon with the Alu family

Mary is the mother of my friend, Robert. 
I always thoroughly enjoy visiting her and her family!

Robert's sons are the two on the ends -
Anaya (green shirt) and Avoga (gray and white shirt).
Many of the grandkids were around 
because of the August holiday from school.

Two 2-week old calves

3-year old Cedric, one of Edgar's sons (Edgar is one of Robert's brothers)
Like his older brother, Manu, Cedric is a very bright child
and can carry on quite the conversation!
He had all of us grinning many times!

One of Mary's daughters-in-law helping in the kitchen

Taking firewood to the kitchen

Edgar's latest project - raising 100 chicks

Ah... rural living!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cedric is darling!! Yay for Edgar's project!

Anonymous said...

Look at those chickens! -Ryan