03 September 2010

Repairs around the compound

It had been about 16 months since I was last at my place (due to my long stay in the US). I was happy to see that generally-speaking everything looked fairly good. However, the fence is somewhat in a state of disrepair. Nathan at least got the gate strengthened for a starting point.

Additionally, the front door frame needed to be replaced. Termites had damaged it enough that one of the hinges had come off. Unfortunately my camera was uncooperative on the day Nathan actually removed the old frame and mounted the new one. This photo is from the next day, after I had painted the undercoat on the frame. He is now doing the finish work with cement. Needless to say, our work made the inside of my house a total mess! Ah... but it was at least a sign of progress!

Nathan's assistant

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Anonymous said...

Deb, your mud hut is so peaceful-looking. I know it takes a lot of work and repair, but you have done so much to make it look like home with the beautiful trees and fencing. You are a good example to those who see it and live near it. Marge