17 December 2010

The month of November

Here are a few random photos of my activities during the month of November.

One of my favorite things to do in Kenya is help my friends celebrate their birthdays. These first two photos are David (first-born child of Veronica and Ben, who live in Kijabe). He's a delightful child!

I also had the opportunity to visit Joe at his place in Kayole.

Moses was surprised - and pleased - that I had remembered his birthday!

Linet, Derrick, Jeremy, and I had a great time at Mamba Village!

Masudi and I cycled part way up Ngong Hills. It's quite a climb! We especially enjoyed a nice bowl of ice cream at Harvestors Fruit and Coffee Shop in Ngong Town. We shared our lunch with Syeimita and bought a few sweets from him, as well.

A great sign (near Greenfield "shopping center")!

Rose and I helped Sammy celebrate his birthday. We had a great lunch at Galito's and then headed over to Sno Cream afterward. You can see by his big smile that Sammy enjoyed himself!

Carol and Jeremiah's new little one - Jasmine!


Anonymous said...

Oh my ... Sammy is a MAN!!!

Love the photo of the inspirational graffiti and you holding Jasmine! Great November shots!

Anonymous said...

Carol and Jeremiah have a new baby?? Peggy