15 December 2010

A trip to Rongo to meet another missionary

Through the marvel of the internet, Joetta and I "met" recently. We subsequently exchanged messages via Facebook. I was amazed that she also uses a "piki piki boda boda" (motorcycle taxi) to get around... just like me!

So... I made a 3-day trip from Kisumu to Rongo so we two American missionaries to Kenya could meet face-to-face. I was given a bedroom at Pastor Achilla's house, which is also were Joetta stays.

Pastor Achilla, his wife, and two of their six children

Joetta Smith has been in Kenya for 8 years

My greeting to Pastor Achilla's church is translated

Sunday school children

a little guy at Suna

a young boy with his homemade toy

it's common in Kenya to see guys walking around with radios

kids fascinated to see - not one - but TWO white ladies :)

a typical house in the area

the mother of the cute little guy

typical way babies are carried

a beautiful sunset at the end of our day-trip to Suna

bringing our tea

enjoying tea in the shade of a large tree

tobacco is the main crop in this area


Anonymous said...

cool, cool, cool. love the little guy and his mama from Suna!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Deb. Peggy