18 May 2011

Ssese Islands, Kasenyi Landing

The Ssese Islands are a cluster of eighty-four islands in the northwest portion of Lake Victoria. Forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The largest island, Bugala, is 25 miles in length.

The Islands are inhabited by the Bantu-speaking Bassese tribe. In ancient times the islands were one of the most important spiritual centers of the region.

The principal industry in the Ssese Islands is fishing for the huge Nile Perch, with much of the catch being exported.

We took two motorbike taxis plus a matatu to get from Ryan's apartment in Kampala to Kasenyi Landing, near Entebbe. The landing is where we would get a boat taxi to our destination - Banda Island.

The landing is a busy place, with all types of cargo being loaded onto the many boats.

Ryan is ready for our four-hour boat ride in the sun!

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