01 May 2011

Kampala, seeing a bit of Ryan's ministry

Julie (from Omaha) - a missionary in Kisumu, Kenya - and I recently traveled to Kampala, Uganda to visit Ryan (also a missionary from Omaha). It was our third time to be together. In October 2010, we spent time together in both Nairobi and Kisumu.
In case you missed those blog posts, click here for our time together in Nairobi and here for our time together in Kisumu.

We've now had the privilege of each of us visiting each of the others ministry work. In so doing, I believe we are an encouragement to one another!

We all think it's pretty neat that God introduced us to one another and... that we all serve in East Africa and... that we've all become friends!

Julie and I joined Ryan's weekly Bible study with the youth he works with

We also had the privilege to meet Pastor Abel (left) and his father, Kiyemba. Abel heads up Raven's Ministries, which is the NGO under which Ryan serves. Abel and his wife had us over for lunch one day.

This is Abel's wife, Mildred, and their last-born (of three daughters), Suubi (which means "hope" in their language, Luganda). We had a really nice visit with them and enjoyed the great food that Abel cooked!

Ryan befriended Dan, a one-time street boy. Dan comes to Ryan's apartment every Saturday to do Ryan's laundry and some light house-cleaning. Ryan says that - in Dan's eyes - the small amount that he pays him is like "pennies from heaven".

Since it didn't work for us to visit Pastor Abel's church, we went to Robert's church, Showers of Blessing. Robert is Ryan's primary boda boda (motorbike taxi) driver, as well as his good friend. In this photo, Julie is greeting the congregation as a first-time visitor.

After the church service, we went to Robert's house for lunch. This photo is Robert, his wife, Noreen, and their daughter, Tracy. They served us chicken... plus many delicious side dishes, including the Uganda staple - matooke (cooked green bananas).

On Saturday, the day before we had lunch at their house, Ryan bought this live chicken for our lunch. This is the - quite normal - way that Robert carried it home - tied to the back of his motorbike!

You may have a hard time believing it... but Robert is actually opening this bottle of soda with his teeth! I've also seen many Kenyans do the same. OUCH!

Robert gave us a "push" as we left his house. We were headed to the stage to get a boda boda (motorbike taxi) to go back to Ryan's house.

Julie on one of MANY motorbike taxis


Anonymous said...

Any blog entry that has a photo of my boxers being ironed is definitely a favorite. :)

It was great to have you and Julie here.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog post! I love the "get a push" concept!!

Anonymous said...

You are some photographer. Traveler, too. Peggy