20 September 2011

Friends: American, Kenyan, Sudanese, British... and the non-human variety

I am blessed with such diverse friends in Kenya! I think it's great to be able to interact with so many folks from so many countries, cultures, and walks of life. God truly used his creativity when he populated the earth.

I met Tom and Scott here in Kenya - several years ago - through Bishop. In fact, I've come to know many neat people through him. Tom and Scott have continued to visit Kenya off and on, and were recently here once again. I got to hang out with them for a good part of a day. We walked a mile or so to the Donholm Steers... specifically so Tom could get one of their ice cream cones. Once we arrived, we happened to meet Bishop and Ken. We first had lunch... and then topped it off with ice cream!

I first met Denise at Brackenhurst Retreat Center, near Limuru, in July 2010. We've recently spent a fair amount of time together and have gotten to know one another better. These photos are from one of the days we spent together... celebrating her birthday!

After a 'cuppa' at Coffee World, we strolled down to the National Gallery. We leisurely browsed an exhibit there called "Kanga Stories: The Cloth that Reveals". We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

And you thought I never wore dresses!

On the balcony at Trattoria.

Denise had Tortellacci ai Funghi Porcine Ricota. I had Quattro Stagioni Pizza. They were superb!

We capped off our day at Sno Cream (built in the 1950's. Their ice cream is the best in Kenya!

Hanging out with my great friends - Emily, Martin, Michael, and Kim. 

Also Deng...

... and Mawien

... and Teresia and Rosalie

... and Robert (all the way from Tanzania)

... and Teresia again - this time with our former neighbor, Anne

... and Linet

... and Margaret and Carol

... and Sammy and Emily.

I have always loved praying mantises. I find them so intriguing and fascinating. This one has been hanging out on my veranda for a few weeks. He seems to like my paint cans and stirring stick for some reason. Sometimes I forget he's there and toss my painting rag on top of him... or accidentally knock him to the side of a paint can. Undeterred, he remains in his favorite spot. One day, I decided to get some photos of him. It turned into a lengthy photo shoot, but he didn't mind. He just kept hanging out on my hand or arm the whole time.

I think God sent him to me to remind me of the importance of prayer. Lately, I've been doing a Bible study on the spiritual disciplines; the current discipline is prayer. Oswald Chambers has also touched on the subject recently and the past two sermons I've heard have been on the subject.

Sometimes God goes to all means to get our attention... or at least mine.

I also enjoy geckos. This quite small one was in my kitchen sink. I rescued him and relocated him outside.

This slug I could do without! I don't think it qualifies as a "friend"!


Delhibound said...

Ok, I know I should comment on all of your wonderful human friends, but I can't get that slug out of my mind. Is that on a roll of TP (trying to get perspective on size). YIKES!

deb said...

Yes, he's on a roll of toilet paper. I actually found him on the curtain rod in my bathroom. But - in an effort to not get his sticky slime on myself - I coaxed him onto the toilet paper roll. That's when it occurred to me to take his photo.

Anonymous said...

"And the non-human variety" lol- love the bugs and slugs.

-Ryan Y

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, both your friends and bugs.