15 September 2011

Jeremiah's birthday party and a Harambee Stars "football" match

There isn't a big tradition of celebrating - or even acknowledging - birthdays in Kenya. However... I am here to bring the party, so-to-speak :)

I love baking and I love giving special recognition to my friends. I think those two things combine well in birthday parties!

It was recently Jeremiah's birthday. The whole family made the long trip across town to come to my new house. The day also included Carol (their house-help), Tina (a cousin), Rose (Tina's mom), and a friend of Rose's. We had a full house and everyone enjoyed the lasagne!

Jim lit the candles on the cake.

Jeremiah enjoyed us singing to him.

The kids gave him homemade cards.

And... we played Jenga!

Jeremiah really enjoyed himself!

Jasmine was her usual cute self.

Kenya's national "football" (soccer) team - Harambee Stars - recently had their last home AFCON 2012 qualifying match. Masudi, Jim, and I were among the crowd of fans at Nyayo Stadium.

At this moment, Kenya was behind.

Jim was thrilled - as was the whole crowd - when Kenya came from behind in extra minutes and won the match 2-1! Just as the final whistle blew, the sky opened up and down came the rain! Everyone either hustled out of the stadium for a bus or matatu home, or sought refuge anywhere they could find. It was a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Love that picture of Jim!

deb said...

He's a cute kid!

Anonymous said...

Great win for you guys-- what an exciting finish. How sad for you that on Saturday, it'll all come crashing down as the Cranes crush the Harambee Stars and Uganda qualifies! :) OYE, OYE, UGANDA CRANES OYE!

-Ryan Y (as if you didn't know who this was)

Anonymous said...

What a great B.D. party you gave Jeremiah! Peggy