01 July 2012


During my 10 years living in Kenya, I had yet to see a lion in the wild. I longed to do so, though, and every now and then, would ask God if he couldn't somehow arrange for it to happen.

Well... once again, God proved himself faithful! I had the privilege of going to the Nairobi National Park with Joanie, and her friend, Carla. Not only did I get to see one lion... I got to see SEVEN!

Isn't he a beaut?!

We woke up at 5am and had paid and were in the park by 6:15! This foggy scene is what welcomed us.

Stopping along the road to get a photo or two

Beautiful swamp, isn't it?

Our first lions were these two females; there ended up being a third one, too...

... and then.... this male stood up from laying in the grass! Were we excited!

Here he is apparently determining whether or not one of the females was far enough along in her heat cycle to be able to mate. They have sensory glands inside their mouths and he's smelling the area where one of the females had been lying in the grass. He did this gesture (or pose) numerous times in succession. Very fascinating!

Lion #5, lying on the road

He eventually got up and moved and laid down SO, SO close to us!

All three of us were thrilled with the lions we saw! We were the first to discover the first four... and all seven were so close to us! God is good.

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Donna Hick said...

They are so beautiful!! God is soooo good.

Donna Hick