03 July 2012

Tony goes to school

Tony finished Class 8 last November, but had been unable to join secondary school in February. Thanks to some generous friends of my son, Zach, he is now is Form One! These are some of the things we purchased during a couple of days of shopping.

Tony (on the right) with Pope and his mom, just as we left to take him to school

While Tony and Pope purchased one last thing, I had a cup of chai. Ahh!

Inside the shop where we bought Tony's uniform

Tony proudly wears his new uniform :)

We hired 3 motorbikes to carry us and all of Tony's things for school

Milo Friends Boys Secondary High School (near Webuye)

He's been admitted! Can you see the gleam in his eyes?

The new student!

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Delhibound said...

He looks SO proud! So excited for him to have this opportunity for school.