29 November 2012

Boda boda flat tire, #1

Getting petrol before leaving Webuye town, going to see Agnes at Misikhu

Uh-oh! We got a flat... and had to walk a ways to where a fundi (repairman) was.

He diligently set about his task and ended up finding three punctures.

These guys asked me to take their photo :)

These curious boys were all recently circumcised... thus the wrap-around lesos.

The fundi used a knife to roughen up the tube for the cement and patch.

Cutting a patch from an old "bladder" (inner tube)

Using a hammer and the exhaust pipe to adhere the patch into place

Making sure it worked and that there are no more leaks

The father of the fundi also asked me to take his photo.

More curious children

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