29 November 2012

Random photos from my recent travels

Future saleslady, Webuye market

Street boys, Eldoret

Women's half-marathon, Eldoret

The lady in front was the winner!

Men's half-marathon, Eldoret

Men's half-marathon, Eldoret

Severely worn-out major highway in Kenya!

Harvest season, near Matunda

Beautiful sunset, Nzoia Scheme

Live chickens on display and for sale, Matunda market

Mt. Elgon, Misikhu

Motorcar rally, Eldoret

Recently harvested sugarcane being transported to factory, Misikhu

How many salt shakers are required in Kenya to find one that actually shakes salt?
In this case, it took three, Kitale restaurant! 

Street boys, early morning in Kitale

This truck took several minutes to back into a narrow alley,
all-the-while blocking traffic, Kitale

Mzungu shopper, Kitale roadside market 

Interesting car display, Kitale restaurant

Donkeys are used for many things in rural Kenya, Nzoia Scheme

Oxen hauling a load, Brigadier Road (near Kitale)

Harvesting sand, Brigadier Road (near Kitale)

Another load pulled by oxen

Women work hard in Kenya, Brigadier Road

This lady is shading her baby from the hot sun, Brigadier Road

Eucalyptus (Blue Gum) trees, Brigadier Road

Drying maize and mixing in preservative, Brigadier Road


Naomi Hattaway @ naomihattaway.com said...

I'm loving all of these pictures, mom!

(Do they put rice kernels in the salt shakers to help keep the humidity away?)

deb said...

Glad you enjoyed them!

I'm SO behind in posting blog photos and also Facebook. My internet connection has been horrible lately :(

Yes, many places do use rice in salt shakers... but I'm not really sure that it helps all that much. It's so comical trying to get salt to come out. It's perfectly normal to go to another table and ask to use their salt shaker.

Of course, even 'tomato sauce' is shared from one table to the next.

Mom said...


deb said...

Well done, Mom, on leaving a comment!