25 October 2013

12 Years in Kenya; Celebrating with a Picnic on Mashujaa Day

Far and away, the most important benefit of celebration is that it saves us from taking ourselves too seriously. Celebration adds a note of gaiety, festivity, and hilarity to our lives. Jesus rejoiced so fully in life that he was accused of being a wine-bibber and a glutton. It is healing and refreshing to cultivate a wide appreciation for life. Our spirit can become weary with straining after God, as our body can become weary with overwork. Celebration helps us to relax and enjoy the good things of the earth.
- Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline 

Carol, Bevaline, Emily, and Ken show their patriotic colors as we celebrate the holiday

This year marked the fourth annual Mashujaa Day, a national holiday to honor past and present heroes of Kenya. [By the way, it's pronounced Mah-shoo-jah].

For my friends and I, it was also a fun way to once again mark another anniversary of me being in Kenya - now 12 years. The sprawling and beautiful Uhuru Park, right next to downtown Nairobi, was the perfect venue.

I think all kids everywhere must enjoy bouncing castles!

Joy and Cliff braved a camel ride, high up in the air as the beast sauntered along

Horse rides - Even for Ken, as an adult, it was a first-time-ever experience!

George, Linet, and Jeremy enjoy their leisurely boat ride on the beautiful pond

A rare day to sit back and relax for Joan

As in the past, we once again shared our food with some hungry children.

Joy, Jeremy, Denise, Pippa, and Joshua show their patriotism for Kenya.

Cliff with his face painted, waves the Kenya flag, as the others behind him join in on some fun games.

Such a fun, fun day! I also got my face painted :)

Joy had fun with her face painted and a balloon.

New friends - Jasmine and Moses

Joan, Linet, Jennifer, and Jacky - Making new friends was a fun part of our outing!

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