11 December 2013

Fun couple of days with Jim and Joy

Jim (on the right) and his cousin, Patrick, as we maneuvered the sticky and slippery slime and mud to get to church

Ai, ai, ai... I don't know how slum-dwellers do it day-in and day-out!

Carol sharing the Word of God at Kingdom Light Ministries in Mukuru kwa Njenga

Joy with Santa Claus, at Galleria Mall

After a few frustrations, Joy figured out how to drive this boat quite well.

Jim had a blast turning one flip after another!

We enjoyed some WAY over-priced Pop Tarts, a new taste treat for Jim and Joy.

Joy draws herself being with Jesus in heaven, during our morning devotions.

Jim thoroughly enjoyed making - and eating - pizzas!

We all enjoyed playing games - Jenga and Chinese Checkers. They're great kids; we really enjoy hanging out together.

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