12 December 2013

Goat or beef? Buying meat from a kiosk

I bought 1/2 kg of beef from John, the butcher.

Rudimentary, but adequate, scale and weights

He uses a piece of tree trunk for his chopping block.

John's kiosk is small - approximately 3x4 feet. Crudely constructed, it's where he's been earning his daily bread for years.

The meat (a full goat on the left and a slab of beef on the right) hangs from these hooks
with no refrigeration and LOTS of flies swarming around.

John chops a piece of meat with his cleaver.

Hacksaws are often used to cut through the bones
or to slice chucks of meat off of the hanging slabs.

Ngombe and mbuzi ('cow' and 'goat' in Swahili).
The newspaper (on the right) is used to wrap the meat for customers; it's then placed in a black plastic bag.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have lately been disparagingly referring to newspapers
(and the media in general) as nothing more than something with which to wrap meat.

The goat is displayed with tail intact.

Activity and muck, just opposite John's butcher kiosk.

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