08 April 2015

Trip to the coast - Wasini Island

Me strolling on the southwest end of Wasini Island at dusk, waiting for the sun to set

It was worth the wait!

The primary source of earning one's daily bread on the island is fishing

No one was around, so we did some swimming at this pretty cool pool - filled with treated ocean water.

Ryan and I met George during our visit to Wasini Island (my first of three visits). He's one of only a handful of Christians on the island, surrounded by Muslims. It was fun to reconnect with him after several years. You can see my 2010 posts about Wasini by clicking here.

These four photos show everyday life on the island.

Hannah went diving and I snorkeled at the coral reef at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. So many beautiful fish!

This represents what I saw (image from Google search)

We got to watch quite a display by several dolphins (image from Google search)

All but the last two photos were taken by Hannah

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