07 May 2015

Enjoying God's out-of-doors; a hike and a bike ride at Hell's Gate National Park

Mount Longonot in the background

On a quite hot day, Hannah and I rented bikes to cycle through the park and to the gorge entrance. It was a total of 12 miles (20 kilometers), all of it on a rough and sandy road.

Such stunning views!

We really enjoyed watching various animals come to this watering hole. You can see how close we were to the buffalo as they cautiously approached, very aware of our presence. A few minutes after I took the above photo, our guide told us we better back away and move on.

Cape Buffalo approach the watering hole

Zebra are such beautiful animals! The birds are Cattle Egrets.

Warthogs - are they comical or ugly?

Beautiful male impala

Female impala

The gorge is a rather difficult place to hike, with steep cliffs.

Hannah tests the temperature of the waterfall from a hot spring.

Note: The photos of the animals were taken by Hannah

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