19 January 2016

Hanging out with Robai (Janepha), a very bright and inquisitive young lady

Kenya's academic calendar ends in late November, which makes the month of December a long school 'holiday' (vacation). Robai spent just over three weeks with me, for the primary purpose of studying three science textbooks - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. She also went through a Bible study book and read a couple of my novels written by Kenyan authors. In order to give her an occasional break, we ventured out now and then. Here's a glimpse of some of our adventures.

Ngong Hills
It's always fun taking my friends up on Ngong Hills!

It's also fun flying kites up there :)

Giraffe Center
She did very well feeding the giraffes and thoroughly absorbed the intern's talk on the species.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
She was enthralled to see the orphaned elephants and to learn about their rehabilitation.

It's always fun to watch them romp and play in the mud!

There are also two orphaned ostriches currently at the center.

Life in Kenya can be so random. We ended up getting a lift in the back of this pick-up the last bit of distance to Sheldrick.

Site of 1998 terrorist attack on US embassy (downtown Nairobi)
Although a difficult subject matter, Robai was glad to learn about this attack through the museum and video.

Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC)
Statue of Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya's first president), with the Law Courts behind

Robai was amazed to see this view of downtown Nairobi from the top of the KICC building!

Other necessary activities
Besides getting a haircut, Robai also paid an overdue visit to a dentist for an extraction. 

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