06 July 2016

A look at the geography of my trips upcountry; another circuit of visiting my friends

This is the area I have often frequented throughout my years in Kenya. Some of the towns and villages change
now and then, but this is primarily where I go when I'm not in the Nairobi area and am traveling 'upcountry'.

"I desire, as I have for many years, to come to you when I go to Spain. 
For I do hope to see you on my journey... and enjoy your company for a little while."
~ Paul, Romans 15:23-24

Every moment of this Christian life is lived out on the ground, in some physical place. Geography is as much a part of the spiritual life as theology. The more or less offhand mention of Spain brings the immediate conditions of this letter to the fore, this extravagant immersion in the work of God in Christ among us. 

Paul planned to travel to Jerusalem by way of Macedonia and Achaia, booking passage on a ship, and then anticipating a good visit in Rome and going on to Spain. 

Our conditions - our present street address and where we expect to be next week - are the stuff of spiritual formation.    ~ NRSV study notes on Romans 15:23-24, The Life with God Bible

When I gave Nathan a copy of my second book, he became thoroughly engrossed in the stories!

Martin was pleased to see his picture on the back cover, plus two other photos of him inside.

In the same way Paul traveled to the various churches he planted, and in a similar style of the circuit preachers on horseback in the early years of the US, I travel from home to home for friendship and encouragement.

On my recent trip, Nathan, Martin, and I met at Matunda on the highway between Eldoret and Kitale. We typically have chicken and chips at a nice place called Olive Inn. My mud hut, that I had for 8.5 years, was 3 miles to the west of Matunda market. It became my base of operations, so-to-speak, and that's where I got to know these two guys so well.

I also visited with Agnes and her family, at an area called Kocholia near the border with Uganda. We used two of these motorbike taxis to reach her home, a short distance from the highway. That day when I traveled from Eldoret to Kocholia, and finally to Kitale, I used eight different vehicles; four were matatu vans and three were boda bodas (motorbike taxis), and one car taxi.

The boda boda guys are waiting for customers to come along.

Agnes was happy with my visit, as we shared stories and laughter, along with chai and mandazi.

Drying beans in the sun

Sammy and Abby, two friendly neighbor kids, came over to greet me

Duane (now in Class Four) was hot walking home from school, so he put his sweater on his head.
If you'd like to see photos from my visits with Duane, Robai, and Deb, please click here to see my 'Educate a Child' page. Included are few extra shots at Robai's school from a mini-tour she gave me.

God recently led me to a fabulous new guesthouse in Eldoret.
On one of the evenings, I enjoyed a good book, chai, and a warm fire!

While I was in Eldoret, I had a delicious dinner with Margaret and Bishop at a nice Indian restaurant. I also went down the road a ways to visit Robai at her school.

I typically stay a night (or two) at a nice guesthouse in Kitale. It's a great place for me to rest and refresh myself before the next leg of my journey. They let me brew my own chai and take it to my room in a flask.

On my way back to Nairobi, I stopped over for a night in Nakuru. While there, I visited my friend, Trena, and attended church with her. It was so good to catch up with each other and also to meet various friends of hers.

Acacia trees poking out of the early morning fog, near Menegai Crater at Nakuru

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