16 June 2016

A Walk in the Woods; my poem and photos from a personal retreat at Mwangaza

My to-do list can wait

I have hidden myself away in solitude

I have come expectantly to walk with You in the woods

I retreat from the world and enter your sanctuary

The distractions of the world fade away

I am here to walk with You in the quietness

The grating noise of traffic is swallowed by the calming sounds of nature

Responsibilities are but a fleeting memory

Nothing else matters, nothing but You

You have summoned me, called me by name

An invitation I too often ignore

I am here to walk with You 

On this day, I submit and I come

You are here and meet me, as I stroll

It is no surprise, as You are ever faithful 

On this day and in this moment

It is Your voice that I want to hear

Only Your soft words

I pause in my steps

There’s a tranquility, a hush

An awareness of Your presence surrounds me 

Your design and purpose are so evident

The beauty of Your creation arouses my senses

I immerse myself in You

I feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders

And the gentle breeze brushing my face

Both are a special touch from You 

The vivid colors of the azure blue sky and striking white puffy clouds

Such a multitude of green shades from the tree-tops

All pleasing as my eyes look upward 
Brilliant orange and bold red, flashy pink and splendid yellow, majestic purple and delicate white

The fragrance of flowers fills my nostrils and I breathe it in deep

A bursting bouquet of aroma

As I close my eyes, the chirping and singing of birds fills my ears

Melodies written for Your pleasure and for mine

God’s symphony in nature

I am delighted as I walk with You in the woods

The meandering and babbling brook relaxes my spirit

A peaceful and calming sound of contentment 

I am awake and stimulated

I taste and I know that You are good

Your very essence is radiant and pure

Butterflies dance in worship to Your name

As You lead, they follow – first here and then over there

All of creation offers its praise to You, the Most High God  

I sit a spell and feel the coolness of the grass

Suddenly I am overwhelmed and moved to tears

I am aware Your presence, so intimate and tender

You whisper in my ear

Phrases and poetry of love

An unexpected word of needed guidance

I walk with You in the woods hand-in-hand

You lead and I follow, you are my guide

I listen to You, I worship You 

My role is to create the space

An environment in my inner being

I have prepared my heart, my mind, and my spirit for You 

I walk with You in the woods

Sometimes in motion, other times in stillness

You come to me like a gentle breeze rippling through the leaves

I walk joyfully with You in the woods

You are my Lord, my Father

I am Your child, your companion

If I make the effort, I find that You are already there

You are ever present when I silence my inner being

Satisfaction fills me as I walk with You in the woods


Grandma Mary said...

Love your poem - the pictures of His creation are stunning! Glad you have a place for solitude! Love You, Mom

Cheri said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Deb. I'm so glad that you got some time for retreat, and that you were able to enjoy the writing and photography, too. Warmly, Christi