19 June 2017

Catching up, January 2017: Back-to-school tasks, paying fees and shopping for school supplies

Pope, Robai, and Medina

January is the beginning of Kenya's academic calendar. Because several of the students I'm sponsoring live near the Eldoret area, we met there. I chatted with Robai and Pope, plus Pope's mom, Agnes, and also Nathan (Deb's dad) over a cup of chai and a pastry. [Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Nathan.]

While Agnes, Pope, Robai, and I did school shopping at Nakumatt, we kept seeing Medina (one of Robai's classmates) and her mom, Amina, from Marsibit. It was funny as we repeatedly ended up in the same aisles, and then helped each other to find the things on our lists.

Amina (Medina's mom) and Agnes, after our shopping

Robai also met another one of her classmates while we waited in line for the bank to open. I coached Robai on how to deposit the money with the teller and she did it herself, a new learning experience for her.

Bishop Wanjala told his congregation about how he first met Robai

On yet another day, Robai and I went to Kerio View Hotel (near Iten) for lunch. We enjoyed the landscaping on their compound and the lovely scenery of the Great Rift Valley.

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