07 June 2017

Catching up, January 2017: Visiting widows in the village

Shortly after Jim and I arrived at the home of his grandmother, Agnes, his cousin, Fridah, also joined us. Fridah was quite young the last time I saw her, but it was fun to get reacquainted with this delightful young lady.

Typical scenes in the village!

When Fridah, Jim, and I paid a visit to Agnes' nearby neighbor, Mary, she was happy to welcome us to her home, and also pleased with the small gift of groceries and some Tilapia fish that we brought for her.

Agnes had the idea that I should get a photo at her well. Several years ago (circa 2005), my parents gave a financial gift so this well could be dug. Prior to having a source of clean water right next to her house, Agnes had to walk quite a distance to fetch water. Not only was it unclean, but it was heavy and cumbersome to carry.

Agnes got out her collection of old photos and showed me this one taken shortly after the well was dug. Her husband, Joseph, was overjoyed to have a well. My dad died in 2006, and Joseph passed away in 2012. Now both of the wives (my mom and Agnes) are widows.

Another old photo: During my first visit to Siaya in 2003, I visited Carol's grandmother, Priscilla.

This old photo, also from my visit in 2003, is with Joseph, Agnes, Jim, and Fridah. I always enjoy visiting folks in the 'village' (a term used for a rural area in Kenya), where life is simple and time moves rather slowly.

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