13 December 2017

Visiting folks in a remote village, Shimba Hills, and also the busy city of Mombasa

Maxwell (on the right), who doesn't like to be called Max, is getting so much bigger!

When I wasn't with Steve and Brenda during our time at the South Coast, I visited some friends of mine at the quiet and remote Shimba Hills. I also got to see Maxwell again, when I spent a couple of nights at Faraja Children's Home. One last stop was to see Masha in the noisy city of Mombasa.

Katunge's daughters-in-law use an umbrella to keep the hot sun off of them and the child

Katunge tried to reach all her relatives so they could say 'hi' to me (ever the novelty and foreigner)

Waiting for lunch

Katunge (Stella's friend and neighbor), Stella (Masudi's mom), and Modi (Masudi's nephew)

The two pictures above are Bixa, whose seeds are used as a food colorant and also to make lipstick. It's popularity is increasing with farmers in the Shimba Hills area. Katunge harvests it whenever she's able, to get a few extra coins for necessities. The nearby processing plant pays 40 cents for two pounds of the dried seeds. Worldwide, bixa produces 70% of all natural dyes.

After lunch, a few cups of chai, and some tangerines straight off the tree, we strolled over to say hi to another friend and neighbor

She was also overjoyed to see me again :)

On a different day, I had lunch with Masha in Mombasa, at Tudor Creek Marina

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