16 July 2018

GeoCaching, #1 - An inch worm and fragrant flowers at Arboretum, plus Safari Park Hotel with Linet

Linet, Derrick, Jeremy, and I had a fun day GeoCaching at Arboretum near downtown Nairobi.

After enjoying our sack lunch, we became interested in this flowery bush growing nearby and its lovely aroma. Upon googling what its name might be, I discovered the following:

The "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" shrub (Brunfelsia) is native to Brazilian rainforests, but can also be seen in Kenya. Its fragrant two-inch flowers last for three days, changing color with each day. The first day they are purple (yesterday), the second day they change to pastel lavender (today), and on the third day they change to white (tomorrow).

Jesus doesn’t change - - yesterday, today, and tomorrow, he’s always the same. 
~ Hebrews 13:8

- - - - - 
On a different day, Linet and I enjoyed GeoCaching at the beautiful grounds of Safari Park Hotel (on Thika Road). Although fascinating, we were unsuccessful discovering anything about this sculpture or the name of the magnificent palm with the orange flowers.

In front of a beautiful stand of bamboo

I love doing fun activities while also hanging out with my friends!

Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture. 
If you're not having fun, then it's probably time to call it quits and try something else. 
~ Richard Branson (b.1950), British entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author

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