13 July 2018

Random shots of friends, a video from downtown Nairobi, a 'Jerrycan party', and c-r-a-z-y fog

Two cool dudes - - Fredrick and his son, Blessed Jason

I had Fredrick, his wife Betty, and their son Jason over for a second time. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows outside.

One day when I called Fredrick to pick me up, he had just gotten his son from school... so we all squeezed on the motorbike.

Willi is a struggling artist; his small studio is just down the road from where I live.

While Linet and I were on our way to visit Masudi and his family, I took this video as we waited for our bus to fill with passengers. It was 8am on a Saturday, so the activity was quite sedate. One of these days, I should film from the same spot on a weekday evening when things are more chaotic.

Proud Baba Masudi with his son, Jason Mwakidudu Masudi

My neighbors and I went 6 days without water in our taps! Fortunately the construction crew next door filled up our jerrycans!

Kim and I hiked up at Ngong Hills again. It never disappoints, and is always stunning!

Throughout the day, the fog was absolutely crazy! This is just one example.

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