07 August 2018

2018 Home-stay - Jamaica: exploring the island

Several of us wedding guests traveled by bus (on a very narrow and very winding road) from Cerulean Bay Resort to Reach Falls

While at the falls, I also found and logged a GeoCache, near this Jack Fruit tree

After the swim, we headed farther north (on the same treacherous road) to enjoy chicken and pork at the famous Boston Jerk Grill

Freshly-made piƱa colada... coming right up!

Mike (from my old hometown, North Platte) and I enjoyed our drinks!

On a sweltering-HOT day, Victoria and I headed out to explore on foot

Typical view of the Caribbean Sea

And another beautiful view

We paused and chatted with these guys for a while

We also sat a spell at this nice spot - VIP Beach Lounge - enjoying the shade and a drink

A very wise saying indeed: "Failure is trying to please everybody."

WHAT is an 'international car wash'? HA!

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